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Xiamen Boerdi Business Trade Co.,Ltd, established in 2003, has been involved with the gift industry for ten years. We offer a wide range of products, including garments, suitcases, bags, plastic glasses, china, electronics, plush and more, to meet the needs of different clients.
We are already putting great effort into promoting RPET products. The whole production process, from recycled bottles to smashed chips to yarn to final products, was audited by ITS or SCS, so that the authenticity, safety and quality of our products are assured.
We pursue a low carbon life through use of low carbon productsto contribute to a Greener Earth.
We share it, we protect it.

Company Awards:

In March of 2009, our company became “Vice President of Fujian Business Gift Association.”

In July of 2013, our company became the “Supervisor Unit of Xiamen City’s Guangdong Chamber of Commerce.”

In September of 2013, we won the "Excellent Practices Award" out of all the Gift Suppliers of Coca-Cola in Greater China.

In September of 2013, our company passed the "ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System" certification.


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